Introduction: Basic Stainless Butterfly Knife!

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No one should ever need a butterfly knife, but im sure lots of people want them! so safe yourself some doe and make this one out of 316 stainless steel so you can stab things without infecting them!

Step 1: Disassembly and Cutting!

I use these "practice" butterfly knifes from online for $3.

- take off the boring no fun blunt blade and copy it onto your 6mm stainless plate.

- do a rough cut with plenty of green

- re draw it to how you want it and cut the rest out dont take too much off! you can always take more off with a grinder!

- I use a 1mm thick cutting disk on my 5" angle grinder!

Step 2: Grinding and Sanding to Shape

using a thin grinding disk slowing take the metal off until you are happy with how the blade looks!
-try to use the flat of the disk no the edge!

- once you are very close to how you like it use a flap disk to get the even smooth edge that you want! this will also put a nice grain into the metal looking less like dog poo.

use a file or something to take off the last bit of burr!

Step 3: Drilling and Fitting!

copy the 2 holes onto your new blade! then drill them out the same size!

it is easy to mess up drilling on stainless so use a sharp drill bit and plenty of lube!

like the original blade I put a stopper so the blade cant do a complete 360! I value my fingers and didnt want to part with one quite yet!

I drilled a 1.6mm hole and put wire through it then using a tig welder i welded it in place!

most people dont own a tig welder so im sure a rivit or part of a tech screw will work fine!

Step 4: Painting and Playing!

I decided to paint the blade black! so I used super good quality $5.65 spray paint and let it sit for a few mins! i then went back over the edges with the flap disk to remove the paint leaving a nicely polished edge!

Using a knife steel I sharpened it to the point where it would cut just like any other pocket knife of mine! I also used a wet stone to get it just right!

There are countless youtube videos on how to use a butterfly knife! please find one! dont ask my how to use one because all i can show you is how to cut yourself! (as shown)

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