Introduction: Basket Weaving ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Cut your paper 5cm by 11cm. Have at the least 21 pieces of paper, you can use more if you want a bigger basket.

Step 1: Step: 1

Fold the paper in half, it doesn't have to be even so don't freak out.

Step 2: Step: 2

Do it again fold the paper into a thin line.

Step 3: Step: 3

Now you're going to fold the paper in half like this.

Step 4: Step: 4

then unfold what you just did and take the sides and fold them so the edges are folded to the middle of the paper.

Step 5: Step: 5

by the end it should look like this.

Step 6: Step: 6

Make twenty seven or more, I don't care.

Step 7: Step: 7

open up the holes, this is very important.

Step 8: Step: 8

put the next paper in the holes and pull it through.

Step 9: Step: 9

Open up the next ones holes and keep going. you should have a pattern like this, if not you're doing it wrong.

Step 10: Step: 10

liiinnneeeee of paper

Step 11: Step: 11

This is what your end should look like, put the holes together and the glue/ tape them together so they don't break.

Step 12: Step: 12

Easy part completed!

Step 13: Step: 13

for the bottom of your basket you'll need three pieces of paper the same size that we used in the beginning.

Step 14: Step: 14

Tape it in this pattern

Step 15: Step: 15

trace out your basket

Step 16: Step: 16

cut out what you traced and place it inside the basket

Step 17: STEP: 17

tape/glue it down and your done.