Introduction: Bathroom Renovation

Hi. We bought a 30 years old house and the bathroom was still the same age:) So it was time to renovate it in our style ;) Because I did everything by myself it took some time. So maybe you will ask yourself why I did first this and not that...

Step 1: Before

Just two before pictures.

Step 2: Shower - Bath

First I started with the shower. The old shower out and put the new in with a more modern design.

Step 3: Shower - Tiles

I glued the new tiles over the old ones. The old ones were glued very well, so this way it was much faster and less work :) Also for the bath and the doors it was better to make the space more narrow, but still big enough to shower. I will never understand how someone can like red lines between the tiles :)) The red color was also washing out, so sometimes it looked like there was blood in the bath.

Step 4: Toilet

Also here we wanted a more modern solution. Not so much because of the design, more because it is much easier to clean under and around the toilet.

Step 5: Floor

I put self leveling floor over the tiles and then glued the vinyl on. Pretty easy and great results.

Step 6: Walls

First I cleaned the tiles really well and then I put some primer on. Then I glued shiplap. I used much more glue than I thought. One tube per wall or even a little bit more.

Step 7: Closet

Yes, also the closet I designed and made myself. I bought a few boards, because this was much easier and faster to do. I don't have enough tools for making big boards. But I did the doors and drawers by myself.

Step 8: Doors

I also made grooves on the door and painted them white. Cheap way to get "new" doors :)

Step 9: Finish

A few pictures of the finished project. I am very satisfied and that's the most important thing for me :p

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