Bathroom Mirror Frame From Scraps. Cost $0.

Introduction: Bathroom Mirror Frame From Scraps. Cost $0.

Yeah - took my worst piece of 3/4" plywood and an old builder-grade bathroom mirror and made this beautiful recessed frame. For $0.  Yes, I SPENT NO MONEY.   

Generally, I post photo how-to's on instructables.  This will allow almost everyone to replicate whatever I make, while not taking hours for me to re-post.  For those who want detailed commentary, a few more pictures, and a step-by-step, I post all of my DIY's on my blog, DIYandSIMPLIFY.  Feel free to drop by sometime and check out all my posts.  Otherwise, you can follow along pictorally through this photo instructable.

You will spend anywhere from a low of $0 to a max of about $25 if you buy oak boards and need some miscellaneous stuff on the list.

Any questions or commments, feel free to let me know.  

Materials List:

1X3 in length to fit your mirror.  You could really use whatever size board you want - make it thicker (1X4,1X6, etc) if you want a thicker frame.  Usually, the thicker you make it, the more swag it has.
Also, it is your choice in quality of wood. (My opinion - if you want to stain, get some nicer wood like birch or oak. If you are going to paint, I say get the cheapest pine whitewood and make it pretty. For less work, get the select pine, which is on the cheaper side and can stain ok, too.)

General Tools List:

Table saw or circular saw or jigsaw or coping saw......  Something to cut some straight, easy cuts.
Kreg Jig (or you can use glue and dowels, or any other form of joinery you prefer)
Router (table saw could also be used instead - OR you could buy some pre-rabbeted wood)
Sanding block. However, a palm sander is well worth the investment (this is the one I own)
Wood filler
Primer (if painting)
Paint / Stain
Paint brush

What I used (objective was $0.):

Existing builder grade mirror ( Mine measured  24" x 41 7/8" . But 42" is just as close.... ) 
Old scrap piece of ugly plywood in my garage.
Kreg Jig with some 1 1/4" screws.
5" random orbital sander with 120 grit sandpaper discs. Because that's what I had.
Elmer's wood filler in "natural" tint.
Primer I had
Paint I had


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