Introduction: Batman and Robin Kids Costumes

I originally planned on doing a full instructable on these costumes. Then I noticed the calendar said it was 2 days before Halloween and we (the wife and I) hadn't really even started yet. What followed was amazing but documenting the process was not a priority at that point.

Both costumes were made without patterns. Trial and error is not a creation technique I would recommend when you are up against a deadline. Tears may have been shed.

The Batman costume is made of fleece because Pennsylvania Halloween's tend to be chilly. The costume consists of gray pants, black spats/boot covers, black trunks, gray shirt, black gauntlets with fins, yellow belt, black cowl, and a black cape that was sewn on to the shirt. The mask was made of craft foam that was heated and molded to my son's face, and attached with an elastic strap. The gloves were store bought stretch gloves. The lines and symbol on the belt are embroidered. The bat logo has reversed colors because it was late and I was talking about Robin's symbol but my wife misheard me.

Robin's costume is also made of fleece and loosely based on Burt Ward's Dick Grayson costume with a few changes for weather conditions. The costume was constructed similarly to Batman's. Consisting of pants, trunks, boot covers, belt, and shirt. The mask is again craft foam that was heat molded to my boy's face then worn using an elastic strap. There were green store bought gloves but the little one refused to wear them.

The Batarangs are cut from a foam mat and painted black - that way no one gets hurt when they inevitably throw them at each other.

Hope you enjoyed this and are inspired to create some of your own.

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