Introduction: Cheap and Easy Battery Holder Version 2

This is the second version of my battery holder. This holder is for those who like a nice tight fit. In fact it's so tight you'll need something to pry out the dead battery. That is if you measure it too small and don't allow enough room for the battery. This holder also has stronger tabs and uses less aluminum foil. But it uses more cardboard so I hope you have enough cardboard. The secret to the tightness of this holder is the cardboard that comes arond the ends.

This instructable has been in the works for quite a while and should have been finished when I did version 1. But I'm so lazy so it didn't come out when it should have, yada, yada, yada. Also if you want to make this for a bigger battery you should adjust the dimensions accordingly.

Any way, enjoy!

Step 1: Materials and Tools

For this instructable you will need the following tools:
An Exacto Knife or scissors
A pen
A ruler

You also need:
Aluminum foil about 8cm long and 2cm wide or 4 inches long and 1 inch wide
Cardboard from a cereal box about 6.5cm long and 3cm wide or 2.6 inches long by 1.2 inches wide
Electrical tape

I reccomend you use the metric measurements because they are a little more exact and they are the only measurments I will use from here on out. Also don't cut out your materials just yet as you may need a slightly larger piece.

Step 2: Measure Your Cardboard

I reccomend you do this on the side of you r cardboard that has all the pretty colors. You'll save yourself some time and finish with a good looking project. I ended up doing this on both sides.

First take your cardboard and and make a horizontal line about 6.6cm long.

Then make a vertical line at one end of the horizontal line. The line should be about 3cm long.

Then make an identical line at the other end of the horizontal line.

Make another 6.6cm line on the ends of the vertical lines to make a box.

Also make 2 tick marks on each vertical line. Each one shoulbe 1cm from the horizontal lines closest to them.

Connect the tick marks directly opposite of each other with lines 6.6cm long.

Make more tick marks 1cm from from the vertical lines. These will allow you to make the vertical lines you will need in the future.

The future has arrived! Make those vertical lines along those tick marks.

You should now cut out the entire thing along the outside lines.

For further clarification refer to the pictures.

Step 3: Cut and Fold Aluminum Foil

You now need to take your aluminum foil and make 2 horizontal lines, each 8cm long and 2cm apart. You should now make 2 vertical lines, each 2cm long at the ends of the horizontal lines. you should then split it down the middle with a line thats goes down its length. You should then cut it down every line.

You should then fold each piece in half so then they are 4cm long. Then valley fold in half and unfold. Then mountain fold one end to the crease previously created. Each pice should now have 2 pieces 1cm long and 1 piece 2cm long.

Refer to the pictures if you need clarification.

Step 4: Score the Cardboard

Exacto Knife in hand score along your lines. And cut along the ones indicated in the picture. And finaly fold.

The sequece for folding the end tabs is as follows:
Middle tab
Left tab
Right tab

The sequence isn't that important but it does help with the overall effect.

Step 5: Cardboard Meet Aluminum Foil

Take the mountain fold on your aluminum foil and put it over the middle tab on the end of your holder. The valley fold should be hidden by the left and right tabs. Repeat for the other end.

Wrap tape around the sides as seen in the third picture. Then cut the tape in the corners and fold down the tape onto the bottom.

Step 6: Done ^_^

You are done! And dayam! Might I say that is a mighty fine looking battery holder you got there! If you made it like I did then it will probably hold that sucker in any position you put it in! Might I remind you that if you want to put in a bigger battery you should adjust the dimensions accordingly.

Congratulations and Enjoy!