Battle Bot

Introduction: Battle Bot

These are everything you will need for your Battle Bot! NOTE: Quantities not realistic

Step 1: Body

The Body is a simple box design with a slope in the front for both aerodynamics and flipping.

Step 2: Electronics Wiring

For this you use 2 continues motors and a servo motor. the continues motor go on the sides for the wheels but the servo motors will go on the front acting as the flipper. the servo will go on the far right of the receiver as shown in the photo and the wheels both on the far right. Remember dark wires always facing up.

Step 3: Survo Placement

The servo motor goes in the front as a flipper that if made identical to mine you can make attachments to go on the end of it. The servo when activated twists a lego which then moves the flipper.

Step 4: Wheel Mounting

The wheels are simple. You can do mostly anything you want with wheel placement but it will be beneficial do place them in the back because it will lower the nose making it both easier to flip and avoid being flipped.

Step 5: Driving

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