Introduction: Battle-worn Leather Bracelet

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This has been done before I know, but I thought it would be nice to explain how I made this bracelet look like it was worn by a great warrior at some point!

Step 1: Basically the First Step:

All you will need is
*Some leather (I didn't use vegetable tanned)
*A File
*A Knife (I used a pocket Knife)
*A Cheap Disposable Razor
*Rubber Mallet and Flathead Screwdriver

Step 2: And All Up to You Now:

Just cut out the length you need, cut holes in the ends, and use a string to bind it. You have the bracelet! now to make it took like you 3D printed it from Skyrim.

Step 3: Battle-worn:

Make it look like trash! I used the razor to shave the sides of it. I also put nordic runes in there for looks. (used a rubber mallet and a flathead screwdriver to do that) The knife I used to put claw marks all over it. and pretty much cut out a few triangles with the scissors. The file I used to just rough it up a bit. That should about do it!