Introduction: Baxter How-To

How to use Baxter.

Step 1: Turning on Baxter

To turn on baxter, make sure he is plugged in and press the white power button on his left side.

Step 2: Using Air Compressor

In order to have Baxter's suction gripper hands to work, you must make sure Baxter is connected to the air compressor. To hook up he air compressor make sure that you have an extra outlet to plug it into then switch the red switch to the right to turn it on. you must also make sure the switch on the bottom is flipped on as well. You want the compression to be at about 60-70 so in order to control this use the black nob to let out more air or keep in more air causing the compression to also go up or down.

Step 3: Moving Baxter

When moving Baxter around make sure that his hands stay closed together, you can make this easier by using a hair tie or rubber band to link his arms together or just keep pushing arms together as you move him. you must do this cause even if he's shut off his arms will still slowly spread apart as you wheel him around...

Step 4: Quick Tips

  1. Make sure you have a lot of space as you start up Baxter cause he will swing his arms around and you don't want to get hit.
  2. Whenever programming Baxter make sure his arms joints aren't fully extended case if they are he wont be able to understand your program, you can see if he understood that step by seeing if he gives you a little nod or not after each step.

Step 5: Putting Baxter Away

When putting Baxter away make sure you've shut everything off and let out all the air in the air compressor.Once you've done that you can return Baxter to his home in the corner of building 3 near tinker tank. once you've wheeled him into his corner, make sure you put his blue blanky on him for his nappy time.