Introduction: Bb Holder With Easy Open

hi guys!
welcome to my first instructible.
I am going to show you how to make a bb ammo holder for really cheap.

Step 1: Materials / Tools

- pen - one end must be smaller than the bb's
- bb's
- thread
- knife - I used my multi-tool

Step 2: The Pen

- dissasemble the pen into all of its parts
- keep pen tube and end cap
- throw away everything else

Step 3: Adding Bb's

- take bb's
- fill up the pen with them
- make sure they don't fall out at the bottom end
- leave a gap of about 1cm
- DO NOT put on the end cap

Step 4: Quick Load

To quickly be able to open the bb holder, you have to pull the thread
- get the thread
- cut off around 4cm
- make a knot at one end
- put it through the hole in the end cap
- put the end cap onto the pen
- pull!

Any ideas? leave it in the comments bellow. The first to respond might be the next instructible.