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Introduction: Beach Fishing Pole Holder!!!

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If it's the weekend and you want to go to the beach with some friends or family, you'll probably bring some fishing poles. Then when you get there you cast your line and you wait, then you want to put your pole down and you have no where to put it but to lay it down. That would ruin your pole! So in this instructable I am going to show you how to make a really easy fishing pole holder that will take less then 10 min. to make, and with just a piece of PVC Pipe and a hacksaw.   

Step 1: Supplies!!!

To make this you only need a couple of things!

1) PVC Pipe( 30.5"x 2"  )
2)Sharpie Marker



Step 2: Marking

Take your sharpie and draw an angled line going up the pipe about 3 inches.( the picture will help you understand ) But leave a little bit of the original pipe there.

Step 3: Cutting

This part is very easy but it may take a little more time. All you have to do is take your hack saw and cut the line that you drew so that you have one end of the pipe pointy and the other one flat.

Step 4: Done!!!

Now you're done and you can relax at the beach while you fish at the same time!!! Take something heavy like a mallet or a big rock and hit the pipe into the ground and put your fishing pole in.

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