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Introduction: Beach Treasures Framed Art

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In this instructable you will learn how to make your own beach scene framed art. This is a great way to preserve your own beach treasures from your last beach trip. This is a gift I made for someone close to me who loves and enjoys the beach. My hope was to offer an ocean view that they would be able to enjoy anytime or season. It is really an easy project because there are so many ways you can finish this. There is never two waves that wash ashore the same :)

Step 1: Gather Materials

picture frame - New or repurposed is fine. You will not need the glass. Some frames are made to hang on wall and some have stands (this is your preference.)
paint - for frame
2 paint brushes- one for painting frame and one for applying mod podge
mod podge
craft glue
poster board - Can use cereal box or other cardboard for backing.
beach scene scrapbook paper
assortment of shells
OPTIONAL: spray can of clear acrylic sealer

Step 2: Prepare Frame

Begin by removing the backing and glass from your frame. Warning: Use extreme caution or ask for help when dealing with glass pieces.

Clean frame making sure surface is clean and dry before painting.

Paint entire frame. Applying extra coats untill desired look is achieved and let dry.

Take the backing or stand piece from the back of the frame. Not to worry if it is a repurposed frame and not the prettiest you can paint it later. Cut poster board piece same size as backing. Also cut matching piece out of the beach scrapbook paper.

Use paint brush to apply layer of mod podge on backing piece and glue poster board to frame backing, making sure to smooth out and remove any air bubbles.

Apply another layer of mod podge over poster board piece and place beach paper on top and smooth away air bubbles. Cut away any excess paper and apply a top layer of mod podge over the beach paper and let dry.

Step 3: Assemble and Add Your Own Beach Treasures

After the frame and backing are dry, put them back together minus the glass piece.


Apply craft glue to bottom of picture and frame making some peaks and waves then sprinkle with sand. Let dry partially then apply more glue where you would like to add your shells. You can press shells into wet sand peaks to create different levels. Also dot picture randomly with craft glue and sprinkle individual spots with more sand. Once completely dry you can turn over picture and dust away any extra sand. Do not turn picture over until completely dry or clumps of your picture will fall off with the wet glue.

Step 4: OPTIONAL: Applying Sealer to Finished Project

To protect my finished project, I applied a clear acrylic spray sealer. If you choose to do this step, please follow directions on the clear acrylic spray sealer.

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