Bead Bracelet - Forming Letter "V"

Introduction: Bead Bracelet - Forming Letter "V"

It is simple to weave and interesting to make patterns of your own choice using Perler beads

Step 1: Materials Needed

Materials needed to make this bracelet

1. Perler beads -- colour of your choice. I used Pink and White beads

2. Elastic Thread - As per the size of the bracelet you make

3. Needle (optional)

4. Scissors

Step 2: How to Weave

This article is using Pink and White color beads. My pet name start with "V" so I have made a V pattern in the bracelet. We can make any type of pattern as per our wish.

Steps: -- Please relate pics and explanation below in order

Bead counts are taken as Black bead, Bead1 to Bead 6

1. Tie a different color bead to one end of the string. This serves as a stopper for the string

2. Insert 6 Pink beads next to one another. This is the first row of the bracelet.

3. Now insert a 7th Pink bead to start the second row. Insert the string into 5th bead which makes the 7th bead to start the second row.

4.Again insert a Pink bead and insert the string into 3rd Pink bead. Similarly insert another Pink bead and insert the string into 1st bead .

5. Now start the third row and proceed as per the above steps inserting bead and inserting the thread into the alternative beads. Also we can start forming the pattern (in this V )

6. The finished V pattern is formed as shown

7. Once you are done with the required length, remove the stopper bead and complete the ring by inserting one end of the thread throught the first row of beads and tying both end of the threads and securing the bracelet.

Step 3:

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