Introduction: Bead and Wire Bracelet

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This bead and wire bracelet instructable is easy and fast, and can be a perfect gift for friends or family. Feel free to use any color wire or beads. Enjoy!

Step 1: Materials

All you need is: a clasp, 35" of 28 gauge jewelry wire, and approximately 70 small beads.

Step 2: Beginning

Start by cutting you wire about 35 inches long for single bracelet (2 beads in width) and 45 inches long for double bracelet (4 beads in width, shown at the top of main picture).

Thread clasp onto the end of the wire, about an inch from the end. Twist several times to secure.

Step 3: Adding Beads

Place a bead onto the shorter wire. Form a small loop and twist to secure. Cut off any extra wire.

Step 4: Beginning the Ric-Rac Pattern

Add another bead onto the longer wire (or if you are making a double bracelet, add two beads). Thread wire through previous bead on loop.

Step 5: Continue Pattern

Continue in this pattern to desired length.

Step 6: Finishing the Bracelet

When your bracelet is long enough, add the second part of the clasp (or just a jump ring) onto the end of the wire. Thread wire through last bead (as shown in second picture) and twist the rest of the wire just under the jump ring or clasp part. Cut off extra wire, and your bracelet is complete!

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