Introduction: Beaded Wrapped Wire Hoop Earrings

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Hi guys! These earrings are super cute and easy to make.

To make them, you will need:
-Small Beads: I chose to use two types (small pearls and pink beads) so I could alternate but you can use as many or as few types as you want

-Wire: this is 26 gauge gold-colored wire

-Earring hooks

-Ring Mandrel (or anything circular, like a marker)

-Pliers and Wire Cutters

Step 1: Cut the Wire

Cut two pieces of wire approximately 2.5 feet long. This does not have to be precise, as a lot of it is probably going to get cut off anyways. Depending on the size of the hoop, you may also need less.

Step 2: Form the Hoop

Using your ring mandrel or circular object, wrap the center of the wire around a few times to form a loop. You should have 2-3 loops of wire with two long tails coming out from either side.

Step 3: Start Wrapping and Adding Beads

Take one tail of the wire and start wrapping it around the loop. Be careful to make your wraps tight and close together. After a few wraps, add your first bead. Continue to wrap the wire for one wrap, then add another bead. Continue this until your hoop is approximately 1/3 wrapped with beads (or whatever you think looks good).

Step 4: Continue to Wrap

Continuing with the long tail after the beads, continue to wrap around the entire hoop. If you have a long enough piece of wire, you should be able to use the same tail all the way around. In this case, as you near the spot where the other tail connects to the loop and the wrapping starts, cut off that second tail and wrap over it to secure it. Tuck the end under the first bead and cut off the excess. However, if your first tail was not long enough to go all the way around, start wrapping the other way with the second tail and meet somewhere in the middle and tie it off.

Step 5: Add an Earring Hook

Using pliers, open up the earring hook, add the hoop in, and close it up. You've finished one earring!

Step 6: Make the Second Earring

Repeat steps 2-5 to make a second earring. Be careful to make sure that your hoops are the same size and you use the same amount of beads.

Step 7: You're Done!

Yay! You made some earrings! Now make some more with different colors or make some for your family and friends!

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