Bearded Dragon Wings

Introduction: Bearded Dragon Wings

This ible' covers foam wings for bearded dragons. I like to think they look pretty sweet, and I think you will too.

Step 1: Materials

The most important things are foam, glue, and a bearded Dragon. After that, scissors or a knife, paper, and pencils. I use carbon paper to make stencils, but if you print out the picture of the wing, you could just as easily use that as a stencil.

I use the colors of foam, but color choice is best matched to the Dragon in question.

Step 2: Drafting

The first image is of some designs I drew up. The yellow line is the largest layer, the blue is the middle layer, and the pink is the smallest layer. You will need one yellow, one blue, and two pink for each wing.

To make the wings, I use carbon paper to make a disposable stencil, and trace onto a sheet of white paper. You may have an easier time printing pictures of my designs and cutting out the shapes. The graph paper has quarter inch squares, but the wings will need to be different sizes for different dragons.

After cutting, I layered the stencils back onto the original design to ensure fidelity. The shapes look good, so I move onto foam.

Step 3: Cutting Foam

Place the stencils onto the foam of choice, and tape it down. I had better luck tapping the stencils at the very edge or pin a 90 angle to a flat edge.

I cut the foam with an exacto knife, and left a tab on each for wiggle room.

Step 4: Filing

Here I file the edges to make the pretty. This isn't necessary, but looks good.

Step 5: Gluing

Glue the pieces together, with a pink on one side and a blue with a pink on the other. Glue the saddle pieces together as well.

Step 6: Connecting

Cut holes in the saddle just big enough for the tabs to go in. Insert tabs, and glue them in. Use as much glue as possible, because this is s trouble spot. The wings are most likely to break here.

Step 7: Done!

Remove the tabs, and enjoy. Use a harness to hold the wings on. Modifications may be made to attach the harness, but it will still stay on.

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I love this! Gotta make a pair of wings for my Angus-- he'll pitch a fit, but he'll look great for the 15 seconds or so I can get him to keep them on. Thanks!


    7 years ago on Introduction


    While I hope you don't make him wear this too often; It is real cool looking !

    Any chance of a Vid ? :D

    Have him eat some crickets while filming and that sounds like a Viral-Vid to me !


    Reply 7 years ago

    Believe it or not, it's not even my Dragon. I made this as a gift for my friend. I could try to get a video of the wings, though. Thanks!