Beats by Allen Gutierrez (DIY HEADPHONES)

Introduction: Beats by Allen Gutierrez (DIY HEADPHONES)

Here we will Learn how to make your own DIY speakers. With the video link and the information provided you should be able to make your DIY speakers in no time !

Step 1: Steps to Success !

  • Get your coil and wrap it 30 times around a glue stick
  • Sand the wrapped coil at the ends
  • Place the magnet on the bottom of the cup, one on the inside and one of the outside
  • With the coil that you have ready, you put that around the magnet on the outside of the cup with the ends pointing outwards.
  • Tape all pieces down
  • Then get the aux plug and wrap each end of the coil to each of the ends of the aux plug.
  • Finally plug the aux to a device that produces sound. And at last you enjoy your tunes !

(If at first you don't here sound make sure the coil is wrapped securely around your aux tightly to improve vibrations)

3 MAIN COMPONENTS in any speaker (explain WHY
these components help in the production of music

Three main components in any speaker that help in the production of music are:

Voice Coil- Helps sound travel through vibrations

Magnets-Produce a magnetic field that turns electrical signal into audible sounds.

Cup-Let the vibrations bounce around to produce the sound in the air.

The sound is produced when the voice coils vibrate in the magnetic field in which the magnets are in, and the sound gets projected by the diaphragm (the cups are the diaphragms).

We chose 30 coils because out of our 10, 20, 30 coil tests, 30 coils produced the loudest sound. The more coils you have, the louder the sound will be.

We need coil because its whats lets vibrations travel into the magnet field.

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