Introduction: Beautiful Bee Bracelet

Step 1: Crimp Linen to Leather and Wrap Linen Around Leather and Chain

Carefully wrap the linen cord around one end of the leather 2-3 times. Fit the leather into the fold-over end and crimp the fold-over end with your chain nose pliers. Wrap the linen as shown tightly around the leather and the pearl chain, wrapping once between each pearl. Continue wrapping until the leather and pearl chain are attached for almost the entire length of the bracelet, leaving at least .5 cm/.25 inch of leather unwrapped. Take care that the pearl chain is lined up along one side of the leather and does not spiral around the leather cord. Trim any extra pearl chain.

Step 2: Crimp End of Linen and Leather

Wrap linen cord around end of leather and trim cord closely as shown. Fit leather and cord into fold-over end and crimp with your chain nose pliers.

Step 3: Create Rhinestone Dangle and Charm Cluster

Feed the head pin through the rhinestone ball. Using your round nose pliers, loop the head pin to create a rhinestone dangle. Using one of the chain links attach the rhinestone dangle to the bee charm to create a charm dangle.

Step 4: Attach Chain and Clasp

Using your chain nose pliers attach the cable chain length to one of the fold over ends. Using the remaining chain link, attach the lobster claw and charm dangle to the remaining fold-over end.