Introduction: Beautiful Couple Scenery in Moonlight and Sunshine

By trying this paint or art u can make your room and hall with beautiful scenery .
When the visitors visit to our home this art gives them a relief or some nice feeling in their hearts. so please try this at your homes friends.


1.use a4sheet paper or any paper
5.5B or HB pencil
8.scissor or knife
9.white jel pen

Step 1: Masking Four Sides of A4 Sheet Paper

Mask four sides of the paper using masking tape.paste perfectly as that the tape must be applied four sides with equal measures.

Step 2: Now Drawing Circle in Middle of Paper Using Rounder

Now take rounder and draw a circle in middle of the paper properly. The circle should be some what big in size. Don't draw the circle thickly draw lightly it the pencil mark should not be visible to others or u can draw thickly also no problem .

Step 3: Colouring With Oil Pastels

Now draw off side of the paper i-e right side with using lemonyellow, deep yellow, mediumyellow, orange, red.And left side of the paper with light blue, deep blue, purrasian blue,black. After completing the colouring now take tissue and rub the colours so the effect is going to get check it out in the photo.

Step 4: Now Drawing the Couple Scenery in Middle of the Paper

First take 5BorHB pencil and draw tree and bench with down garden. Next after completing the tree and bench draw the couple kissing scene .draw heart symbols for the tree so it look attractive. How to draw check it in the photo

Step 5: Finish Touch With Whitner

Now keep the dots on left that on blue side and draw outline for tree and bench.

Step 6: Finished!