Introduction: Beautiful Garden

To have a garden, you don't much things. All you need is some space for your plants, pots, soil amd that's done.
And don't forget the saplings.

Step 1: Planting

For having your own garden, you will obviously need some pots to keep your plants in, but even if you don't have one , it's ok.
You can use other containers for eg. I used plastic paint tins. Just fill some soil and if you have some other manure.
You can easily find nutrient rich soil in farms.
I got the soil from a farm.
Before you fill the pots , add a hole at the bottom of the pot for the excess water to flow out.
And after filling your pit's with soil , plant your saplings in it. Saplings are available in plant nurseries.

Step 2: Taking Care

Once you have planted your saplings, keep them in a place where they can get ample sunlight. Water the saplings regularly, but take care that you don't put too much of water or the plant may die.
In summers I water my plants twice a day.

Step 3: Fertilizing and Immunising

Some time after your plants have grown , give them some fertilisers in order to make the plants healthy. You can use animal dung as a manure.
If you see some weird fungal growth or some other unwanted pests on your plant, use insecticides or pesticides to kill them.
I have given a photo of the insectincide which I have used. Mix it in water and spray it on the pests.

Step 4: Have a Look at You Garden

You can plant flowering plants , non flowering plants and whatever you want.
I had planted a mango sapling a few years ago and now I get mangoes from it , I don't have a picture of mangoes but I have a pic of raw mangoes.
I have a rose shrub, which gives me about 5-6 flowers a week.
I even have a hibiscus , actually three.
One gives red flowers , second gives orange and the third one gives pink flowers.
And I have a money plant.

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