Introduction: Beautiful Paper Ornaments!

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these are instructions on how to make beautiful paper ornaments, that take time to do, but have a beautiful result!


1.Any kind of paper

2.Hot glue

3.Any kind of wire (most houses have some kind of electrical wire if you don’t have crafting wire.)

4. Paper cutter or scissors and a ruler.

Step 1: Cutting

First cut your paper into 3x3 in. Squares. You will need to cut, fold, and glue about 60 individual pedals. So cut a lot of paper.

Step 2: Folding.

Then, fold them like this:

Step 3: Gluing Pedals

After you have folded all of your paper you have to glue each pedal like this ☝🏼(you don’t have to use hot glue but I think it’s easiest)

Step 4: A Little Gluing

After you glue all your pedals you will take 5 of them and glue them into a flower like this☝🏼.

Step 5: A Lot of Glueing

You can repeat the twelve times and you will have a dozen small flowers.

Next, you take them one at a time and glue them together when your done the corners of 3 flowers in the ornament should look like this☝🏼.

Step 6: Adding Wire

After you have glued all 12 flowers together you will have a kind of geometric ball.

Then you can take some wire and make a loop for it to hang on a Christmas tree.

Step 7: Final Product:

this is what the final product looks like ☝🏼

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