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Introduction: Beautiful Strings, Beautiful Art

About: Doing Art to Relax

This Art Instructable, is a good way to recycle bottles or other items into art pieces, it can also be used to adapt object to your new Interior design by preserving their shape and function, but giving them a different look.

As occupational art some of the steps can be achieved very easily but are very time consuming, the ability to focus and attention to detail correlate directly to resulting outcome.

This work does not pay back for speed nor shortcuts as a single mistake might force you to undo most of your work. But it allows for breaks or stops at any time, is also compatible with auditory activities i.e. (Music, conversations, ...). For impressive results, patience, focus and attention to details are essential.

Beautiful string can be bought or made, we are considering this instructable is a “how to use it” so we assume you can have access to any type of string with the color or look that you need. In the future we might describe the process for coloring string or changing its texture.


Scissors, Glue, small glue Brush, beautiful String, object to change (in example a Bottle).

Time consumption : 1:30 -> 2:30 Hours

Patience: High

Attention to details: Very High

Complexity: Low

Step 1: Cleaning and Re-purpose

The 1st thing is to make sure that the object is clean sanitized and ready for the transformation.

Clean and sanitize the bottle inside and outside, remove any paper, labels or engravings:

Paper Glued : remove with Alcohol

Labels : Soak in vinegar for some hours

Engravings : Warm water and abrasive sponge

Tip: After cleaning, pass an abrasive sponge or sand paper on the object just to hold the glue better.

Step 2: Starting From the Bottom

Starting from the bottom since that is the most challenging part in the bottle, we can make use of our initial motivation to overcome it.

On the exterior bottom of the bottle spread a bit of glue with the brush all around the bottle.

Lay a few rounds of string on top of that area, with the help of the scissor arrange them firmly together at the bottom. Once these are solid in the bottom of the bottle we will continue to the interior bottom so do not cut the string.

Proceeding to the interior bottom please watch the videos, keep in mind that the string and the glue tends to attach to your fingers, that is why the scissors´ blade-less tip becomes a crucial tool.

Tip: Is better if your only lay 1 round of string at a time so do it slowly keeping it always in position and letting it dry as you go.

Once all the inner bottom is fully covered with string just cut the remaining string. We will further proceed on the other end of the string towards the top of the bottle.

Step 3: Round & Round Towards the Top.

As the bottom part is now solid, we can keep adding more swipes of glue with the brush around the bottle sides to lay on top of it more and more rounds of string, we recommend to firmly push it down with the scissors every 3-5 rounds and pull the string to remove any loose round; the tighter the better.

Step 4: The Bottle Neck

In this step it is recommended to just do 2-3 rounds of string at a time, and to keep the string as tight as possible, at all times; but the actions are no different than the previous steps, spread the glue around with the brush and lay on it the string, by getting it in position with the help of the scissors’ blade-less tip to finally pull the string removing any loose excess, clustering it firmly together.

This last part seems shorter but as it is very prone to errors it will require more precision therefore might consume more time.

But once done you´re Done and just added one new piece of art to your collection or place of desire 😊

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2 years ago

I like your breakdown about time, patience, etc. I may incorporate that in my future posts. Are you just using white glue to brush on? Nice beautifying project for old objects. Thanks for posting.


Reply 2 years ago

Glad that you liked my structure 🥰
We can use white or transparent glue (for this thin string the transparent was the better, but the green string bottle was done with the white glue), thanks for picking it up and if you end up trying it, let me know your rating on “patience breakdown” 😉☺️😁


Reply 2 years ago

Thanks 🥰