Introduction: Waterwise Succulent Arrangement in a Container

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Make a statement with your plants !! with the help of this instructable. In this medium size planter, I have mixed different succulent and there cutting to great a beautiful statement for your entry way. They look very summery and inviting. I travel with out worrying about killing my plants as succulent are low maintainance and go without water for weeks. Also, outside these arrangement cost upwards of $50.

Step 1: Items Needed.

1. Potting soil

2. Perlite

3.Stones for plant support(optional)

4. Pot/Planter - Urn Planters looks amazing. I used a regular inexpensive $5 planter that I had at home. But this arrangement would look 10 times better if I had use a black or glazed pot.

5. Succulents

• Two Vertical growing succulent
• One Large Round succulent.
• Two cascading or vine like succulents
• Few other Aloe and succulents that can act as fillers.Remember these arrangement look amazing of they are dense.

I don't remember the names of succulents as there are so many. So for making any arrangement I keep hight and color schema in mind while I select plants. Go to a local nursery or Lowes and see what catches your attention. Remember to ask the staff if your grouping of plant's need same amount of water and sunlight

Step 2: Soil

1. Succulent need well drain soil so I have mixed potting soil with Perlite. One can also use Cactus potting mix else use half Perlite and Half any potting mix.

2. Very Important- Fill the mix to the top of the planter. I realized this after doing this instructable.LOL we always learn.

Step 3: Potting

Cuttings - If u are using cutting from the garden or from other pots like I have done, the important thing to keep in mind is to let the cutting air dry before you insert them in the soil. Roots will state to appear in 2 to 3 weeks after planting the cutting. Do not water them in this time. Also if u use cutting you can get more bang for buck.

Planting :

1. First plant the tall succulent in the center of the Planter.

2. Then take your accent large swirly succulent and tilt it to face you and pot it near the edge of the container.

3. On the either side of this flower succulent add a falling succulents.

4. Now fill the pot with other succulents that you have. Idea is that no soil should be seen. If needed use stones in between plants to keep them in the position you desire.

Step 4: Maintenance /Care

1.Water your succulent when the top soil is dry. In my house I need to water succulents once in a month. They need light and air.

2. If your arrangement is dense then in future they will start to over grow. At that point nip the baby or new succulent and plant them like the cuttings.

3. Fertilize them in summer with succulent fertilizer.

4. Just mist the arrangement and keep it outside in the sun. Avoid close to freezing temperature and frost.

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