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Introduction: Beautify Your Notebook

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I remember the preparations for the first day of school. It was so exciting to have new stuff and what I loved the most was the fact that I got to personalize some of my notebooks. I'm going to show you one of my favorite techniques to do this, you don't need great drawing abilities to achieve a great piece!

Step 1: Materials


Scrapbook paper

White paper

Gold marker


Glue stick

Self adhesive rhinestones

Step 2: Trace

Find a shape in your scrapbook paper yo'll like to draw.

Place your scrapbook paper in a window and put the white paper on top of it. Use the light coming from outside to see the shape and draw it with your marker while you're still holding the papers firmly.

Cut your shape.

Step 3: Glue the Paper

Put glue all over the surface of your notebook's cover page. Place the scrapbook paper on it and press firmly.

Flip the cover page and cut with the scissors all the extra paper.

Step 4: Subject Label and Glue

Make a label with the subject you're going to be using your notebook for. For example "Math", "Recipes", "Journal".

Use the glue stick to glue this label to the notebook and also the drawing you made before.

Step 5: Rhinestones

Give some bling bling to your cover page with rhinestones. I just put two at each side of the "Math" label but you can put as much as you want.

Now your notebook is ready!

Never stop learning!

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