Bed Table With Discrete Door Made From Scratch

Introduction: Bed Table With Discrete Door Made From Scratch

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This project is entirely recycled from an old computer desk and not expansive at all. You can start with any piece of wood you want. The only thing is that it needs to fit the measurements which i will reveal :D
btw : I made mine with plywood even thought there is better wood for this kind of work.

The things you will need :

-Piece of wood (32'' x 16'')

-14 X 1/8'' Diameter wood screws square head or star head ( 1 1/4'' long )

-2 X strap hinge 1 1/2'' Large with 1/2'' long screws (they usually come with the package)


-Measuring Tape

-Hopping saw (or round saw)

-Sand paper machine (optional but gives better results)

-Sand Paper [100 Grit] - - - more ruff than 120 Grit

-Drill with 1/16'' bits for tapping (before putting in the screws) otherwise it may split the wood wide open.

-4 X  puff puff to put under the table =)

-Wood Glue (optional if you want to add mini shelves)


Here are the major dimensions.

This is what you will draw on your piece of wood before cutting it.


For the cutting part you need to draw the lines like in the first step drawing with all the measurements.

It is important to follow the dimensions to the letter. I suggest you to go gently with the cutting and later the piercing because Plywood is a very sensitive wood to work with. One mistake and the wood can just blow because it's made from layers of wood and layers can detach themselves.

Step 3: ET VOILA!

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    WYN soldier
    WYN soldier

    10 years ago on Introduction

    haha yeah you're right maybe i should put a litlle more effort into this.. (with more steps and details)
    and yes, i made this and i thought using a software would be good way to demonstrate my project.
    BTW : can I use my software to demonstrate my project?


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Much better - good luck with the contest.