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Introduction: Bedroom Lighting Control

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Have you ever lay in bed and wished you had a way to shut off all the room lights?  To dim some of the room lights and shut off other ones?  How about being able to shut off your partners bedside light if your partner falls asleep and leaves their light on?  And then, when you leave the room, to hit a few switches that will shut out all the room lights from one place?

If so, read on.  This bedroom lighting control system is very easy to setup and gives you total lighting control from bedside or door side. 

There is a video showing the bedroom lighting control system in use.  There are also some pictures and a schematic diagram showing the interconnect.  A parts list and cost is included as well.

Step 1: Video and Pictures

Step 2: Schematic Diagram

Above here is a schematic that shows the Bedroom Lighting Control system.   The track lights are located over the bed.  The RF Bedside controllers are located on either side of the bed.   The RF to Insteon AC Bridge and 2 Insteon to AC Receptacles are located under the bed.  The Insteon AC wall switches are... on the wall.  The Wall lights are Sconces on the Wall.

The downloadable Word doc schematic is here:

Step 3: Parts List and Cost

This project uses Insteon components.  You can buy them at these places:

  The track lights and sconces are available at a big hardware retailer or lighting store.  I indicate what I used but the lights are an individual choice and not part of the controller Instructable.

Insteon Wall switches (2 @$50.00 each):

Wireless bedside remote controls (2 @$40.00 each):

Wireless to Insteon AC line bridge (1 @$40.00 each):

Insteon to AC Recepticle (2 @$35.00 each):

Home Depot tracks (2 @$55.00 each):

Sconces: (2@ $129.00)

Total for the controls, (no lights):

Step 4: Installation

This project is very simple to install.  The linking of the switches to the Insteon components takes some practice.  You can call their support number if you have additional questions.

1) Install the Insteon wall switches:
I had a place for 3 switches on the wall near the door.  The one in the middle was hard wired to our sconces.  The one closest to the beds was wired to a switched outlet which I am not using.    Just wire that switch to power so it can later be linked to the 2 track lights over the bed.

2) Plug in the 2 Insteon receptacles to a power strip and then plug your track lights or lamps into the switched outlet on the receptacle.  Plug in the Insteon AC bridge to an outlet near the Insteon receptacles.  You may plug it into one of the non-switched outlets on top of one of the Insteon receptacles to save space.

3) The 2 Insteon switches and the 2 Insteon receptacles each have dedicated addresses so they can be commanded over the AC power lines.  Start out by linking the track light wall switch to the track light receptacle following the Insteon directions for linking.

4) Next, follow the directions again and link a button on each bedside RF controller to BOTH of the Insteon receptacles. 

5) Next, follow the directions again and link another button on each bedside RF controller to the wall switch for the wall mounted lights.

Step 5: Final Thoughts

The Insteon controllers can also be controlled with a smartphone or computer by adding in another type of Insteon bridge module.   I personally don't want to be stuck having to have my iPhone next to my bed so I prefer these dedicated Insteon controllers.

Of course, you don't have to use track lights over your beds.  You can just have normal bedside lamps and use this control system for them.

I have had this system in place for about 4 years now.  It has been extremely reliable.  No resets or re-learning commands have been needed.

If you build something like this, please share it with some pictures in the comment section.  And finally,  If you like this Instructable, please vote for it.

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    5 years ago

    this looks kind of complicated. cute tho!


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thanks Leanne,

    I haven't looked at this in a while. FYI, Since I posted this, the technology has a changed a little bit. The switches now come with the ability to receive RF (radio waves) inside the actual switch. So, you can buy a few wall switches, install them in your bedroom wall and put some small white RF controllers on each night table.

    With this combination, you can achieve the same bedside dimming control as shown in the instructable with much less effort!

    Here are the parts that will work From Amazon:

    INSTEON Mini Remote - 4 Scene

    Insteon 2477D SwitchLinc INSTEON