Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorials on How to Make Butterfly Wing Earrings

Do you wanna try to make different types of earrings? In today’s tutorial, we will learn how to make butterfly wing earrings. If you like this pair of earring, get the following materials ready and make it with me.


Materials and tool needed:

24x12.5x4mm pink butterfly wings pendants

8~12x4mm white pearl beads

0.4mm sliver copper wire

1x8mm oval pearl bead

1x8mm white round pearl bead

30x0.5mm sliver ball head pins

sliver earring hooks

flat nose plier

round nose plier

side-cutting plier

Step 1: Install the Pink Butterfly Wing Pendants

1st, use sliver copper wire to thread the holes on both sides in the butterfly wing pendants.

2nd, thread the white round pearl bead into the wire.

3rd, thread the pearl hole repeatedly to make pearl bead fasten.

4th, knot the sliver copper wire so that the pearl bead is connected to the wing peandants.

Step 2: Make the Pearl Circle Components

1st, put the average amount of small pearl beads about 4mm into the sliver copper wire on both sides. I used 12 pearl beads totally.

2nd, bend the wire to form circle of pearl beads.

3rd, wrap the pearl circle around the sliver copper wire more times to make it stable.

4th, make a circle with wire and cut the extra wire.

Step 3: Finish the Butterfly Wing Earring

1st, use the sliver ball head pins to thread oval pearl bead.

2nd, cut the extra pin, and bend the wire to a loop.

3rd, hang it on the pearl beads circle.

4th, put the sliver earring hook into the made peandant. one earring is finished. And repeat above steps to make the second earring. Now a pair of earrings will be made.

Do you like this style of earrings? If you wanna try more types of earrings, welcome to Beebeecraft to explore more interesting tutorials.