Beebeecraft Tutorials on How to Make Chain Bracelet With Star Pendants and Pearl Beads



Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorials on How to Make Chain Bracelet With Star Pendants and Pearl Beads

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Do you want to own a bracelet made by yourself? Today the Beebeecraft Tutorials will show you how to make a simple and beautiful bracelet with golden star pendants and pearl beads.Bracelets are very ordinary but important jewelry for girls and women,even men. So that’s will be a special and lovely thing that to own a bracelet made by yourself or your friends. Golden star pendants will make the bracelet both cute and shining, and the white pearl beads just like the planes, make the bracelet fresh but elegant. All of the needed materials which are open eye pins, pearl beads, jewelry claps,and golden star pendants are easily found.Just follow the Beebeecraft tutorials and enjoy the process of making the bracelet.

Step 1: Jewelry Craft Supplies in Making Bracelet With Golden Star Pendants and Pearl Beads

6mm white Glass Pearl Beads

Golden Star Pendants

35mmx7mm Golden open eye pins

9x5mm Golden Claw Jewelry Clasps

4mm Golden Jump Rings

Jewelry Tool Supplies

Step 2: Instruction of Making Bracelet With Pearl Beads and Star Pendants

Step1: finished the basic jewelry pattern

1st, slide the star pendant in the open eye pin, and make a loop at each end of the pin then repeat the action to make suitable numbers of the star knots;

2nd, slide a pearl bead in the open eye pin and make a loop at the each end of the pin, then repeat the action to make suitable number of the pearl knots;

Step2:finished the bracelet
1st, link one pearl knot to another pearl knot, and link them to star knot, then link the a pearl knot in order, and connect the knots until appropriate length of bracelet;

2nd, attach 3-5jump rings to the end of the chain, and attach the claw jewelry clasp to the another end of the chain, then attach a pearl knot to the end of chain.

Step 3: The Finial Bracelet Looks Link This:

Wow! How beautiful and cute bracelet is! Do you wanna try? Just follow the Beebeecraft tutorials then you can own a special bracelet with star pendants and pearl beads made by yourself easily. Hope you can admire this tutorial.

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