Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorials on Making Beaded Elegant Necklace

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Here is a detailed tutorial on how to make a beaded Elegant necklace at home.

This necklace is bright and stylish, also mixed with a touch of ethnic taste. Such a special necklace is very suitable to wear on many kinds of occasions. Making this kind of necklace need to use many kinds of beads: pearl beads, crackle glass beads, acrylic beads, electroplated glass drop beads and brass crimp beads. Beading is a needed technique to make it. Just follow with Beebeecraft to learn how to make such a necklace with your own.

Step 1: Supplies Needed for the Necklace:

6mm Ivory Glass Pearl Beads Strands

12mm Crackle Glass Bead Strands

8mm white Faceted Glass Beads Strands

19mm×15mm Mixed color Acrylic Beads

Orange AB Color Plated Electroplate Glass Faceted Drop Beads Strands

Silver Iron Head Pins

0.5mm Silver Copper Jewelry Wire

Silver Ring Tibetan Style Alloy Chandelier Component Links

Silver Iron Cable Chains

2mm Mixed color Brass Crimp Beads

Iron Bead Tips Knot Covers, Iron End Caps, Open Clamshell

0.38mm Stainless Steel Color Tail Wire

Silver Iron Jump Rings

Silver Tone Alloy Lobster Claw Clasps

Steel DIY Jewelry Plier Sets

Step 2: Make the Pendant of the Necklace

1st, use 4 cut of wire to string 4 orange glass drop beads, and make a hoop at the end of the wire;

2nd, use one head pin to string one white pearl bead and make a hoop on the other end of the head pin, make 3 such bead strings;

3rd, connect the 4 glass drop bead strings, 3 pearl bead strings and the Tibetan link by hang the 7 strings on the hole of the link(as the picture shows).

Step 3: Finish the Necklace

1st, slide the Iron Bead Tips Knot Covers on one end of a piece of jewelry wire;

2nd, slide the acrylic beads, white Faceted Glass Beads, crackle glass beads to the wire as the picture shows;

3rd, slide another Iron Bead Tips Knot Covers on the other end of the jewelry wire;

4th, attach a open jump ring to the middle of the bead strings, then attach the Tibetan link pendant to the jump ring;

5th, use open jump ring to connect two piece of Cable Chains and the beaded string;

6th, use two jump rings and a lobster clasp to link the two ends together.

Step 4: Now, This Beaded Elegant Necklace Have Been Finished:

Congratulations! You finish making the beaded elegant statement necklace. Although it seems like a complicated statement necklace, it doesn't some difficult as you imagined before, right? I'm sure this beaded elegant necklace will make you more charming.