Beebeecraft Tutorials on Making a Pair of Seed Beaded Dangle Earrings



Introduction: Beebeecraft Tutorials on Making a Pair of Seed Beaded Dangle Earrings

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Do you like a pair of beaded dangle earrings? Here I will show you how to make a pair of seed beaded dangle earrings.To finish the jewelry making, you must prepare some materials. The a pair of seed beaded dangle earrings is made with some golden seed beads, white double holes seed beads,jewelry string and earrings hooks. It is quite easy for both green hands and professionals to make, so just follow the Beebeecraft Tutorials, and now let me show you HOW~

Step 1: Jewelry Craft Supplies for Making Seed Beaded Earrings

Earring hooks

Golden Seed beads White Double Hole Seed Beads Black Double Holes Seed Beads Jewelry String Jewelry Tool Supplies


Step 2: Instruction of Making Seed Beaded Earrings

Step1Finish the basic jewelry pattern

1st, cut a jewelry string and slide 4 golden seed beads, and slide a black double seed beads, then repeat the action 6 times and get a seed beaded with one loop;

2nd, make the string through another hole in a black bead,then slide 6 golden to the black seed bead;

3rd,repeat the action 6 times, and you will get one half basic jewelry pattern of one earring with golden and black seed beads;

Step2: Finish the earrings making

1st, change the black beads to white beads and use the same technique, you can get the other half of the earring with white and golden seed beads;

2nd, link two jewelry pattern of earring with seed beads by a open jump ring, and attach a open jump ring to the end of jewelry pattern then attach a earring hook to the one;

3rd, repeat all of the steps and you could get another earring;

Step 3: The Finial Jewelry Just Like This:

Now this DIY glass bead bracelet is finished quickly, how do you like it? For me, I like seed beaded earrings so much that I will try to make another earrings with different color seed beads, and do you wanna join me and have a nice try?

Step 4:

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