Introduction: Beer Can Christmas Angel With Halo!

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You will be requiring a skinny can beverage! Enjoy and rinse the can thoroughly!

Nothing is quite so backwoods as Iced Tea flavoured beer! However soda or energy drink cans will work as well. If you use a regular can your angel will look fat! Not that there is anything wrong with that, but you do not want to overshadow Santa for obvious reasons....

Where was I???? Oh yes, the skinny can. this is the best choice and the Coors Light Iced Tea has a wide mouth which will come in handy later....

Step 1: Start Here

You will need one skinny can(empty and clean), some tape, a pair scissors. A hobby knife will come in handy but is not completely necessary.

Step 2: Tape and Cut

I did not have masking tape but there was lots of left over scotch tape from wrapping presents!!!! Use tape to mark off a vertical line originating from the center of the can opening to the base of the can.

Mark off a tape wide strip on the opposite side of the can from the opening also going from top to bottom.

Mark off a tape wide strip around the can from the nearest beveled edge both top an bottom.

Write on the tape as shown to prevent mistakes.

If a mistake is made have another beverage then start again. Enjoy responsibly and don't get drunk or near sugar coma!

Step 3: Cut the Can

Following the tape lines, cut the can open.

Careful! The edges of the can could be jagged and sharp from this point on. Thin metal can cut deep... you have been warned... See... this is another reason why you shouldn't drink too much...

Step 4: Shape the Wings

A simple angle cut can create the wing. Simple and inelegant!

If you want a little flair... Use a Popsicle stick and sharpie to first make a diagonal line from the top inward to the bottom then use the stick to make individual feathers as shown.

Cut along the outline then about an inch inward from the diagonal line.

Drag your thumbnail along the center of the "feather" to create texture...

Clean the sharpie lines with a little IPA ( rubbing alcohol)

Step 5: Head and Halo

Fold the head upright then cut a 1/4 inch notch along the neck. Then cut the 1/4 inch strip along the "Face" leaving about a half inch at the top. Curl the strips with a pen or hobby knife shaft then fold along the top.

Overlap the curled strips together to form a halo.

You can fold the 1/4 inch section along the back, out again to create a neck.

Step 6: Mount!

Use the can opening to mount to the tree. If you have a light nearby you can feed this through the opening to light the angel.

Alternately you can place a candle in the base an use the can as a festive Christmas ornament!

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