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Introduction: Beer Glass Wall Mount

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I had a set of glasses that I got at a beer tasting event that I decided to hang on the wall. Theses glasses are pretty cool there smaller and get for small mix drinks. There a cool cocktail drink glass but can also make this will full size glasses. This was pretty easy to make I had scrap wood laying around that I used to make this. I stained mine that's optional but it makes it look a lot nicer. I used L brackets to attach it to the wall. The wood was about 1 inch thick about 15 inches wide by about 4 inches so you don't need a huge piece of wood to make this. You will need a bigger drill bit to make the cuts for the holes. A few tools required can cut the wood even with a hand saw. This goes with my set of shot glass holders and wine glass wall holders.

you will need brackets

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

saw to cut wood, jig, hand, circular


drill bit big one to cut holes

sand paper

tape measure


paper to make template


stain brush

finishing sander

Step 2: Cutting Wood

I started with making a template on a piece of paper taping two sheets together to make it long enough for the holder. I took my glasses and laid them on the sheet of paper and took a ruler and measured to make them an even distance apart. I left about 3/4 inches around the glass. I put the glasses upside down so that you know how close they will be together. I drew a circle around the glasses once I had them where i wanted. Remember the hole cut will be smaller than the top of the glass. Cut out your template frame.

Now you can take your template and put it on your wood and start cutting. Lay the paper down and trace around it on the wood.

Take your saw I made a straight cut with a jig saw cutting out the frame on wood that I traced.

Now cut out the holes for where the beer glasses are going to sit. The glasses I used were small enough so that I use a door knob hole cut. To cut these holes you can lay your template and find the center of the circles you made and drill the holes. I made mine fit four glass so I drilled four holes.


2 1/2 inch hole cuts

Step 3: Stain and Hang

Before staining the holder you want to sand it good. I used a finishing sander and a fine grit paper to sand the surfaces and the edges. I used hand sanding to sand in side of the circle that were cut.

Now you want to stain the holder using a brush and what ever color stain you like. Make sure to apply evenly getting inside the holes. Make sure to get all of the surfaces and edges. I only needed to add the one coat.

After the stain dries you can add your L brackets. I attached them with small screws under the holer. I used four screws. I used two L brackets to mount it to the wall. Make sure its level when you attach it to the wall.

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