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I made this awesome looking beer tote using recycled wood and joined it with traditional joinery like dovetails and mortise and tenon joint.

Check the video build here:

Beer Tote (opens YouTube link in a new tab)

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You can buy the beer opener here (around 3 USD w/shipping):
Vintage Beer Opener or this model Antique Retro Opener

Step 1: Dimensioning and Sizing

Cut oversized pieces and then plane them to thickness needed (mine came to 1/2'' thick).
Hint: If you don't own the machinery buy some 1/2'' or 3/4'' solid wood panels or even plywood.

Use your bottles to measure the size of your tote, that's how you make it custom and good fit.

Step 2: Make Dovetail Joints

I have a video on how I layout and cut my Dovetails, click on the link:
How I Layout and Cut Dovetails using Hand Tools (opens in a new tab)

Step 3: Make Top Tote Curve

You can make this any curve you design wish.
Use a piece of cardboard and cut a shape you like.
Transfer it to wood and flip it in the middle to get perfect mirrored curve.
Cut it with a jig, scroll of even a coping saw.
Using a spokeshave (or sandpaper) smooth the cut line.

Step 4: Handle and Its Joinery

Material was 3/4'' scrap piece of pine for the handle.
Handle was cut curved to make space for the fingers.
Check out the video to see how the tenon and mortise were cut.

Step 5: Join and Carve

Glue up dovetail joints and mortise and tenon handle.
After that you'll need to add stretchers.
I added those by dovetailing them in but you can use

lapped joint or even just nail two thin strips on each side.

Carve the design you want, I like GoT so I carved - Beer is Coming!

Step 6: Finish It

Sand smooth the tote and apply any finish you'd like.
I went with stain, linseed oil and finally satin varnish.
Add some separators for the bottles - using thin plywood.

Add opening hardware.
You can buy the beer opener here (around 3 USD w/shipping): or this model

Enjoy it!

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