Introduction: Beeutiful by Noah Abu-Allan Morgan Greene

This is our Physics Project

Step 1: Step 1. Gather Materials


Poster Board

Foam board

Two pieces of dowel

5 wooden spools

10 pony beads

Popsicle sticks

Twine Wire Painting

Coloring supplies


Exacto knife

Hot glue gun

Ruler/yard stick

Step 2: Step 2. Measuring

1. Measure the foam board to and find where the middle of the board is located, then draw a line down the middle that divides the board into two sections.

2. From the edge of the foam board measure in 1inch and draw a line.

3. Then on the bottom half, (from the one inch line you marked) measure 3 9-inch sections.

4. In each of the 9 -inch sections, measure to the halfway point (4.5 inch) and make a small circle.

5. In the top section measure (from the one inch line you marked) 13.5 inches in and mark a line so that there are equal sections.

6. In each of the 13.5 -inch sections, measure to the halfway point (6.75 -inches) and make a small circle.

7. Cut out the circles with exacto knife.

8. Now using the poster board measure and 5 9 inch by 9 inch squares. (To draw designs on)

Step 3: Step 3. Flower/Cloud Making

1. Draw and color 3 flowers and 2 clouds. (Or what objects you would like for the design)

2. Cut out the flower and cloud.

3. Draw a hole the same size as the one cut out on the foam board onto the center of the flowers and clouds, then use scissors to cut the hole out.

4. Take one of the wooden spools and add hot glue around the bottom then press onto the back of the flower/cloud being sure to align the hole on the spool with the one on the flower/cloud.

5. Repeat step 4 for the remaining flowers and clouds.

6. After all the pieces have a spool on the back, cut the Popsicle sticks so they fit onto the back of the piece and hot glue them on to provide support.

7. Using the dowel measure and cut 5 even pieces (approximately 8inches)

8. Take one of the dowel and a flower and put the dowel through the flower and then through a hole in the foam board, then hot glue pony bead to the front and back part of the dowel to hold the flower in place against the board.

9. Repeat step 9 for the 2 remaining flowers and clouds

Step 4: Step 4. Finishing Touches

1. In the one -inch border section on both sides poke two holes about 5 inches apart (in the bottom half and in the top half) to put wire through.

2. Put wire through the holes, so that you have a little loop on both sides to thread twine through.

3. Thread twine through the wire part on one end and then loop around (in the same direction) each of the spool pieces and then through the wire part on the other end.

4. After twine is wrapped hold firmly on one of the ends and gradually pull on the other causing the pieces to spin.

5. Once pieces are able to spin, you can undo the twine and paint the foam background to create a scene, and then re thread the twine after finishing.

Step 5: Step 5. Paint

Now you can paint the background how ever you would like.