Beginner Yoga Routine

Introduction: Beginner Yoga Routine

Namaste! (Pronounced na·ma·stay) Welcome to a very simple yoga routine to help you get started! This routine is targeted towards an individual who has never attempted yoga before. There is no reason to be intimidated, the entire process of the yogic tradition is based on the natural flow of your own body. So you can work at your own pace and still be kick ass yogi!

Step 1: Location and Materials

  • Ideally a quiet room with as little distractions as possible is best, however, any space that you can move freely in all directions from one position will do
  • A Yoga mat
    • If you do not have one carpet will work or a small blanket!
  • A desire to improve your state of mind and overall well being

Step 2: Preparation

Lay your mat down in your space and take any comfortable seated position and let yourself relax. It is important to take moments like this to catch up and allow your mind to rest. Take a couple of deep breaths while pausing here for a moment, this is your time to listen to your body. There is no need to think about anything else in this moment. Pause here for a couple minutes.

Step 3: Chest Stretch

  1. Slowly stand up letting your muscles relax,
    rest your shoulders and spine,
    arms at your side,
    feet close together.

    With palms facing out, slowly bring your arms up to your chest, elbows out - parallel to the floor, fingers touching.
  2. Slowly extend your arms out stretching the elbows keeping the tips of your fingers touching and palms out
  3. Slowly bring your arms behind you keeping your arms at shoulder level,
    feel the stretch in your shoulders as you lower your arms to interlace your fingers.
  4. With fingers interlaced behind your back, slowly bend backwards just far enough to feel a stretch. Do not go farther.

    Hold here for 10 seconds
  5. Slowly bend forwards keeping fingers interlaced,
    relax your neck,
    relax your face,
    feel spine stretching gently.

    Hold here for 20 seconds

    Slowly stand up straight and let arms fall to your sides.

Step 4: Back Stretch

  1. Transition to lay on your back and relax your muscles,
    pause here for a moment.
  2. To the best of your ability sit up straight while keeping your legs straight in front of you knees not bent,
    keep your spine straight,
    Slowly put your arms out to your sides and raise them over your head,
    fingers pointed towards the sky,
  3. Slowly lean your torso back as pictured,
    keep arms pointed up,
    Legs straight,

    Hold here for 10 seconds.
  4. Slowly bend forwards, bringing hands onto your knees compress core,
    Breathe deeply,

    Hold here for 10 seconds.
  5. Sit up straight keeping arms over your head,
    slowly lower arms,

Step 5: Cobra

  1. Transition to lay on your stomach,
    rest your head to one side,
    arms and legs at rest,
    take this moment to relax your entire body,

    When you are ready rest your forehead on your mat.
  2. Slowly bring arms to your chest, palms facing inward towards the ground.
  3. Slowly and gently lift forehead and chin towards the sky,
    let your neck follow your head,
    gently push hands into floor and stretch core,
    feel lower back tighten,

    Hold here for 10 seconds.
  4. Gently lay your forehead back to the mat,

Step 6: Routine

So take these three positions and combine them into a slow dance. Do the Chest Stretch three times, then do the Back Stretch three times, and finally do the Cobra twice. Then gracefully do all positions once right after one another!

Congratulations! You have finished your first yoga routine!

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    2 years ago

    Sixty-two years and looking for a beginners instructional video without sound, this was great will re-read again and again until I have mastered this first routine to a dance flow. Look forward to more and becoming a kick-ass yogi. Thank you