Introduction: Behind the Mirror - Hidden Places

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Gage Jaeger

Step 1:

Get an Arduino, Breadboard, Photocell, and 8 ohm Speaker.

Step 2:

Ground the assembly, put in a 4.7k ohm resistor and a 100 ohm resistor, and hook the wires to the Power Supply ports on the Arduino.

Step 3:

Verify and upload the code to the Arduino, and change the volume and tone of the alarm sound. At, you can get the code.

Step 4:

Hook up a Power Pack to the Arduino using a USB cable, and secure the speaker.

Step 5:

Hook the whole assembly, including the Arduino, Breadboard, and Power Pack, to the wall where the mirror will be hung.

Step 6:

Hang a mirror over the Arduino assembly, to make sure nobody can see it.

Step 7:

Put your special items on the back of the mirror.

Step 8:

Now the Hidden Place is complete. If somebody moves the mirror to get the valuables, light will hit the photocell and the speaker will make an alarm sound.

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