Introduction: Bench From a Pallet (100% Recycled)

Hello everyone, I made those benches from a pallet that I found on the street ( they was in a good quality of course, don't take something that look like it's having a decay :s )

It was really simple, from one pallet you will get one bench :)
You also need a few planks (again you can found that on the street, as I wrote before 100% recycling!)/.

So let's start (it's actually the first time I sharing a guide here so if I do it wrong tell me what was not clear or good :) )

If you found a grammar mistakes, tell me and I fix it (I not American and I was really short with time to write that, so it may be).

Step 1: Choosing a Pallet, Planks, Etc

So the first thing you need to do is to choose your materials.

It's probably change with your own default (and the materials around you).

But you must have a drill, saw (I used Jigsaw).

pay attention that you pick a normal wood, you need to sit on them so they need to be strong enough)

Step 2: Cutting Tings ;)

So first cut is the pallet, cut it in the middle (up and down).

Then mark on a plank a size of a two planks that on the pallet (in the image), and cut it (well of course this is the name of the step ;) )

Step 3: The Backrest I

I sunder this step to two parts:

1) To sunder the part of the pallet:

2) To make a "base" to connect the backrest to the seat.

Now let's start with the first step:

This is a tricky step, so be careful!
You need to disconnect the cube and the vertical planks from the horizontal planks (and the vertical planks that keep the horizontal together).
In this step I just pulled it out (I take one of the planks (hold it from the top) and pulled it down.

Then carefully I straightened the nails and with an hammer pulled them down (they still connect to the backrest (in the images).

Step 4: The Backrest II

To make a "base" to connect the backrest to the seat:

  1. Cut a planks to make a high to the backrest:
    The only thing you need to pay attention is to calculate the high that the backrest already have and the seat. So if want to high the backrest in a 10 cm we need to do this calculate: seat high+ 10 cm+ backrest high.
  2. Pulled the nails from the top part of the backrest (if you don't do it in the previous step).
  3. Put the planks that we cut under the backrest (on the vertical planks of the backrest), that way we can nail the planks together.
  4. Turn the backrest (the face of the vertical planks up- side), and screw a screws in the middle and in the lower part of the planks (to each plank of course).

If you have a three point that connected between the plank and the backrest (on every plank) you did it right :)

Step 5: The Wedding <3 <3 <3

Now we screw the backrest and the seat together :) (you know the wedding.. O.K. I will stop :P )

Remember that in the first step we cut a small planks that connecting through the sit (the longer of the plank is two horizontal planks and a little more that "fly" out of the pallet)?

So it's time to use them! screw them into the seat (like in the picture), one in the side and another one in the middle (sadly I don't fund out how to screw another one in the other side).

TIP: I drill an holes in the horizontals planks before I screw the screws into, it way more easy, specially in this step that we don't have something to hold the vertical planks on the air except our hand .

Now place the backrest near the seat in the way you want it (one side of the backrest have to be close to the fly plank on the side), make sure you have the angel you want to your backrest. and screw the fly plank into the backrest.

Use a support to hold your backrest (probably the planks that hold it not strong enough yet), you can use anything that hold it ( I use my jigsaw and a big plank that I have).

Step 6: Lest Step (\o/)

The bench need something to make the connect between the backrest& seat stronger!

So let's do it:

  1. Take a plank and put it on the bench and make an angel between the backrest and the seat (like in picture).
  2. Mark the line you need to cut.
  3. Cut it
  4. Screw it like you planed it before
  5. If you have more ways to make it stronger tell me' but it's need to be fine :)

That all :) you can paint it, add pillows if you like too. Anyway I offer you to polish it and apply varnish on it (because "Winter is coming" ).

Step 7: Use It

Sit with your friends, smoke an hookah, listen to an Arab/ Israeli quiet music (or any other good music) ;)

Well I don't trust your "music-taste" so here a few :P

  1. ya mama (Arab words, Israeli singer)
  2. Tamally Ma'ak (Arab words, Israeli singer)
  3. Civil war (G&R)
  4. Nothing else matter
  5. The day that never come
  6. Another brother in the grave (Hebrew song)
  7. On Friday only: Friday come (Hadag Nahash)
  8. Any quiet Beatles song (here there and everywhere etc)