Introduction: Bentwood Bed Legs Tealight Stand

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This is a very minimalistic instructable, depending on the ease of manufacture!

Step 1: What You Need

  1. A saw. Or whatever you prefer to use :-)
  2. A set of bed legs, obviously. From where? Your local second hand store = a dollar or so. New ones from Ikea = 12 dollar. Or steal from your sibling's bed! ;-)
  3. Spade drill bit. Make sure you measure the base of the tealight, add 0.3 inch = the size of the spade!
  4. Drill. I used an old egg whisper. Better would be to use a battery driven one, and best a drill press.

Step 2: Cut the Legs to Prefered Lenght

Do I need to be more precise... ;-)

Step 3: Measure and Drill

Bentwood bed legs has different lenghts, so depending on what dimension YOU aquire, you'll see how many holes will fit best. I got six holes, not to close to each other.

You'll need a certain amount of depth of each hole for the tealight to stand secure. This means there will be a small hole straight through the wood. This wan't matter much, not being visible.

Step 4: Voila!

You're done! Easy, wasn't it!? :-) You may finish the surface with paint or high gloss boat lacquer. Iv'e tried to burn the surface with a gas burner, but it was really hard to get a even result!