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Introduction: Berd Air Tube Bending and Drilling Jig

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I wanted to experiment with a Berd Air system for my printer, but all the tube-bending tools I printed failed to produce good circles. So I designed my own! I also didn't see any tutorials for using the tools, so I'm changing that too.


You will need to 3D print the tools:

You will also need:

Step 1: Assembly and Initial Bending

To assemble the the bending tool, screw the M3x10 screw into the raised section on the bending tool with the post until flush (first picture). Then, using the Xacto knife, cut the material out from the hole on the bottom and screw in the M3x16 screw until tight (second picture).

To start the bend, put the two bending tools together, insert your tube through the hole and pivot the tool until the tube is lightly touching. Adjust the amount of excess tube to look similar to the third picture. Now all you need to do is slowly twist the top lever clockwise, until you get something that looks like the fourth picture. The tube should get pulled through the hole as it bends around the post

Step 2: Final Bending and Cutting

Bend the end of the part slightly upward, about the thickness of the tube (first picture). Reinsert the other part of the bending tool, but this time make sure the post also clears the tube (second picture). Continue to slowly twist the top lever clockwise, until you get something that looks like the third picture. Remove the tube from the tool and cut the tube with the flush cutters, like in the fourth picture. To shorten the straight part of the tube, score the outside of the tube with the Xacto knife at the place you want and break it on that score.

Step 3: Drill Time!

Take your newly bent and cut tube and put it into the drilling jig (first picture). Make sure the straight part is fully seated in the cutout. Take the other half and screw it together using the M3x6 screw until it's tight (second picture). Now, take your 1 mm drill bit and drill into each the five holes in the side. Make sure you go in at a fairly shallow (third picture), and that you don't drill through both sides of the tube. Repeat for all five holes

Step 4: Use It!

Once you're done drilling, remove your tube and it's ready for use on your 3D printer!

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