Introduction: Bertie Bott's Inspired Candie Box

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It's Halloween and your country isn't hit by the lockdown? Well, fisrt, you are very lucky. But then, how to give children tricks to avoid a treat? Indeed, you have to make individual boxes to place in front of your door and avoid touching the candys (and the children). And as a proud potterhead, you'll want, of course, to make them bertie bott's style? You only need school supplies, so follow the guide!

Step 1: The Paper Shape

First, cut the shape in strong paper (drawing or watercolor paper for example)

Mark the folds with a precision knife, and cut little holds to close the upper part (just look at the picture, it's clearer)

Step 2: The "windows"

Cut rectangles a little bit larger out of sheet protector (plastic pocket)

I know, taking a photo of something transparent wasn't a brilliant idea...

Finally glue then inside the box to fill the windows. You can use strong glue if you have some (and you are sure it isn't poison) or just use adhesive tape like me.

Step 3: Assemble! (yes This Is an Avengers Reference That Has Nothing to Do in a Harry Potter Diy)

First, colour it by drawing red stripe, like on bertie bott's design.

Then, glue the side using the strip (i forgot to make it so i used adhesive tape once more)

Finally, close the bottom, the same way you would close a cardboard box for example. You can add adhesive tape if you doesn't feel confident about it but it should work without it.

Step 4: Finish It

Put a few candies in it and close the top using the strips and the little holes we cut in step 1.

You can present them in a tray and put it in front of your house, on the letterbox (if you live in a house) or just put it on your doormat (if you live in an appartment).

Of course if your country is in lockdown you can just enjoy making this and then it all the candies.

PS: I'm french so my english isn't perfect so maybe some things aren't clear, don't hesitate to ask if you have questions