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Hey everybody, it's Momo and I'm back with another beauty tutorial! This is a super quick tutorial but it's my go-to style now so I thought I'd share it with you. This method helps you get full, beautiful, an voluminous curls in under 20 minutes! If you're interested, keep reading. Also excuse my awful faces in all of the picture haha.

Step 1: Prep Work

Spray your hair generously with heat protectant. If your hair is thin or sparse, this is very important so that your hair doesn't burn. I use the RUSK brand and it works well for me.

Drag your thumbs through the top half of your hair and section it off so that it's out of the way. This is important because it adds the appearance of texture and layers, making your hair look really thick.

I use a 1 1/2" curling iron and 1" sections of hair.

Step 2: Curling the Bottom Section

Take a 1" section from the front and curl it away from your face. Leave about two inches between the iron and your roots and leave 1" between the iron and the tip of your hair. This helps it blend easier and look more natural.

With the following section of hair, curl it towards your face. This makes the curls look more natural and full.

Go all the way around your hair following the same pattern to create fullness.

Step 3: Top Layer

Let down the top sections and brush through it, being careful not to brush the curls you just made.

Continue with the same curling method all the way through your hair.

When you're finished, flip over and lightly shake your fingers through your hair. This helps blend in the curls and add volume.

Step 4: Flair Up Your Hair

If you want to be a little fancy (because we all need to be time and time again), there are easy ways to do it.

1. Fishtail braid. I love tiny fishtail braids and I think they look so good with this curl. Simply take a front section of hair and split it in half. Take a tiny strand from the outside of the right half, and move it to the inside of the left half. Then repeat on the opposite side. If you continue doing this, you'll have a really cute fishtail braid that takes only a minute.

2. French twist. Grab the same front section of hair and split it in half. Twist the pieces together once then add some hair to one half. Continue as far back as you want to go and pin in place. You can tug at the hair to make it bigger and fuller looking.

3. Half up, half down. Divide your hair wherever you want and section it off. Finger comb the strands up and hold them together at the end of your hair so there aren't any bumps. Take a small hair tie or elastic and make a ponytail. Smooth out any bumps and bobby pin it if necessary.

Step 5: Finished

This such a simple technique to get beautiful and full curls. It's my favorite way to do my hair and only take about 15 minutes. Let me know what you though about this tutorial and if you want more like it!

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