Best Bo2 Trick Shot Class

Introduction: Best Bo2 Trick Shot Class

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Today I'm gonna show you my personal favorite trick shot class on black ops 2.

Step 1: Get Black Ops 2

Of course your going to need black ops 2.

Step 2: The Class Setup

Primary- Dsr 50 w/ FMJ & Laser sight

Secondary- Five-seven w/ extended mag

Perk 1- Lightweight

Perk 2- Fast Hands

Perk 3- Dexterity


Tactical- Shock Charge x2

Wildcards- N/A

Step 3: Kill 'em

Jump off stuff spinning like an idiot till Ya hit someone.
Make sure to have your sensitivity up when doing this or it'll just look dumb.

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    3 years ago

    He does have a good class even if your not trickshoting


    5 years ago

    This is so stupid that i like it