Introduction: Best N Easy : LED-STRIP CAR GLOW

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Inspired By Dark night rises movie , n many cars that have very expensive lights on it . Many cars out there have many Kinds of light on it . One which i find more attractive are horizontal strip lights on front. so i decided to make one for my car ,, here is what i did.

Having Our car parked at mechanics for hours n having expensive lights as of 200 to 400 $ . its very inexpensive and you can do it by your self.

with this methods you need some electronics skills like to see "+" as positive n "-" negative n that's all.

Step 1: Materials Required

1: LED Strip roll
2: solder rod
3: solder wire
4:soldering paste
5:loose wires
7:tape rolls
8: safety Scissors 

Step 2: Working With Small Strip for Testing

Small part of the LED strip could be taken off just from place with four dots + white line (may be symbolized with scissor)
cut one part out . for simplicity we just do this to check out if the strip work with your car battery .

Circuit of the strip is also shown in one of photo

when u buy this LED Strip You might see that this lights work on 12 to 12.6 DC  volts.

Step 3: Soldering the Ends of Unit of Strip

The unit is the smallest working part of Strip. Soldering its ends And testing with Your car is better instead using whole roll of LED Strip.
While soldering u need to work carefully . AS the heat from the rod is to intense n can give you swear burns


Process : when rod is hot , the solder wire is melted on the tip of rod and then placed on the place where the connection is to be created.

AM here testing this small Strip with 6 LED lights , with a 12 volt charger 

Step 4: Testing With the Car

First of all cars are of various kinds. so its very necessary to check the voltage output of car.
Test with the voltage meter what volts does it give (battery of car is mostly at front ,lifting up the bonnet )
After the test I found that battery in my car was of 12.6 Dc volts
So m good to go with Long Strip.

Step 5: Long Strip of LEDs

Do same with the the big strip . but attach big wires when soldering 
switch ensures that everything goes perfect .n when ever you want you can switch on or off leds :) :D
isn't it cool.

Select a place in front of car where you want horizontal line of light :D 
paste it permanent with industrial glue ..
or just Tape it for temporary .

Just one step , n we are done 

Step 6: Connect N Switch on LEDs

Connect the + positive wire From the LEDs to + positive terminal of battery (red one)
Connect the - positive wire From the LEDs to - positive terminal of battery (black one)

Try different Colors of the LEDs , match the color with your car and fly in sky .

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    I love working with strip LEDs.. it makes things so much easier. The light looks nice on the car, but I would suggest adding some sort of coating like epoxy over the entire strip since the LED and resistor contacts are open and could easily be shorted by a piece of metal debris, paint chips, or salt water. At the very least, I think it would be appropriate to place a fuse in line with the positive power wire. If the the contacts are shorted with the LED switch on, the battery would rapidly discharge through the small lead wires which would probably catch on fire within seconds. Otherwise, nice job!


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Police here are ticketing cars that have distracting lights here in the USA. Some young guys even have put 12 V. colored flourescent lights under their cars. Police are wrinting tickets when they can catch them and making the owners remove the lights. You can not even have a spotlight on your roof rack anymore. It must have a cover to be legal.


    Reply 4 years ago

    Off road lights are illegal here in BC too if they are over a certain height and not covered for the highway. I have used aircraft landing lights on my vehicles for decades now and for some reason I have never been stopped for it.


    7 years ago on Step 6

    There are two things to consider:

    - Seems like you've left the electrical connections and the strip itself exposed to the elements. It may as well not rain where you live but otherwise the strip and the wires will be sogging wet, which does not work well with electricity. A short will either waste the battery or fry the circuit.
    - The car's generator produces over 14 volts while the engine's running. If you can risk frying the LEDs, nothing needs to be done. Otherwise you might consider adding a resistor somewhere in the circuit to limit the voltage.

    Wires directly to battery?
    Your're running down your battery in a week Paaji! Please put wires on key switch so the LEDs come on when they need to.
    Also please comment on my similar instructable here-
    DIY LED Car Grille Glow Lights-