Introduction: Best Paper Airplane

start by placing your piece of printer paper flat on a surface. beware of paper cuts!


one 8 1/2" by 11" piece of printer paper or any paper of equal size

Step 1: Center Fold

fold the paper in half the long way and face it upright in order to make the center crease. Shown in the pictures.

Step 2: Corner Fold

fold both the top right and the top left corners of the paper down so that they meet the crease in the middle of the paper.

Step 3: Triangle Fold

once both corners are folded in you should notice it looks like the roof of a house or a triangle. fold the roof/ triangle part down perpendicular to the center crease and make a crease as shown in the pictures.

Step 4: Corner Fold

once again we will fold both the top right and top left corners of the paper. fold the corners down so that they meet the center crease as shown in the first three pictures. there should be about an 3/4" space between the crease at the top and the crease down the middle of the page as shown in the last picture. click on last picture for a better visual.

Step 5: Small Triangle Fold

next you should notice there is a small triangle of paper underneath the folds you just made. fold the small triangle up so that the previous folds are pinched underneath the sides of the small triangle as shown in the pictures.

Step 6: Center Crease Fold

once the small triangle fold is made, fold the whole paper in half along the center crease so that it looks like the pictures shown.

Step 7: Wing Fold

to complete the paper airplane you need to fold the wings. it is important that the long edge of the wing is parallel to the bottom of the plane so it can fly correctly. this is shown in the last two pictures. make sure creases are sharp to ensure the plane flies correctly and straight.

Step 8: Final Product

when finished you can position the wings however you see fit and start flying. finished product is shown in the picture.