Introduction: Best Paper Airplane Ever

Hey guys I'm going to teach you how to make the best paper airplane EVAHHH! This being my first instructable please excuse me if its not that good

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need a sheet of paper, and hands that can fold stuff

Step 2: Fold in Half

Fold it in half so it looks like so

Step 3: Open It

Open the paper but FOLD SIDE UP a lot of people don't realize you are supposed to do that, but you are

Step 4: Triangles

Like a bad paper airplane, fold down the triangles on the thingy like so

Step 5: Envelope It

Fold it over, so it looks like an envolope

Step 6: Here Is the Weird Part...

Fold the corners in so they meet

Step 7: Weird Part Part 2

Thus ending the wierd part, fold up the tip of the triangle

Step 8: Fold in Half

Almost done! Fold it in half

Step 9: Wings

It's gotta fly right? Add wings fold like this

Step 10: That's 1 Now Fold the Other

Like it says do it and you are so close

Step 11: Fold Wings Up a Bit

So you get that ariplainish feel and the arrow dynamics. You are ready to roll!

Step 12: Now Throw It!

If your pet chases it you have done your job well! Name it and you can put details on it. Just don't tape or paint it! I named min the "drucilla eagle" because the plane is called the eagle