Best Solar Oven




Introduction: Best Solar Oven

Solar ovens use heat from the sun to cook, clean, and disinfect different materials. Solar ovens are carbon-free, meaning that they do not omit green-house gases that harm the environment. Solar ovens can help developing countries cook food and save time. Instead of having to walk miles to get materials and do laborious tasks, solar ovens can save time and require little work to set up. Solar ovens only require the suns heat to begin the heating process. Sunlight and high temperatures may help speed up the heating of materials.

Step 1: Resources

  • Foil
  • Saran wrap
  • Big Box
  • Black Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Box Cutter

Step 2: Cutting a Flap

  • Grab a ruler and pencil to draw a rectangle on top of the lid
  • Use the box cutter to cut through the drawn lines (only cut through 3 of the sides)

Step 3: Covering the Flap

  • Cut a piece of foil to the size of the flap
  • Cover the flap with the foil and tape the edges to the flap

Step 4: Covering the Inside of the Box

  • Cut multiple pieces of foil to the dimensions of the inside of the box
  • Cover all sides of the box with foil and tape them

Step 5: Insulating the Bottom

  • Cut a black piece of construction paper to the dimensions of the bottom of the box
  • Tape the construction paper to the foil

Step 6: Insulating the Outside

  • Cut about 4 pieces of black construction paper
  • Cover the four outer parts of the box with the construction paper; make sure to tape them

Step 7: Retaining the Heat

  • Cover both the top and bottom of the lid with saran wrap
  • Tape the sides to ensure that no heat will escape

Step 8: Reflecting the Light

  • Cut 3 pieces of cardboard, fitting to the dimensions of the sides of the box
  • Cover each piece with foil
  • Tape each flap to the sides
  • Adjust the flaps to a proper angle (if needed)

Step 9: Creating the Grill

  • Cut a small piece of cardboard
  • Then, cover the cardboard with foil
  • After, cover it with a piece of black construction paper
  • Lastly, cover it once again with foil

Step 10: Time to Cook!

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