Best Toasted Mini Bagel Sandwich

Introduction: Best Toasted Mini Bagel Sandwich

Welcome to this tutorial on how to make the BEST toasted mini bagel sandwich!


For this sandwich, you will need a toaster oven, gouda cheese, roast beef, and a mini bagel.

Step 1: The Toasting!

First, put the two bagel halves into the toaster oven and put them on the second heat level on the toast function.

While this is happening, you can get the gouda and roast beef out of its containers.

Step 2: More Toasting!

After the first toasting step is finished, you will want to put the desired amount of cheese and meat on one of the bagel halves and toast again on the number 2 setting.

Step 3: The Joyful Reunion!

Once everything is toasted, take it all out of the toaster oven and join the two halves together in a joyful reunion of tastiness.

Step 4: The Sad But Happy Ending

Enjoy your sandwich! (Sorry not sorry sandwich.)

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