Introduction: Better Band Blasting With Binary Bonus

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I was taught this way of band firing but it still doesn't seem widely known. What it lacks in power against the traditional "hook on one hand
pull and release with the other" it makes up in stealth as you can pre load and wander around pretty innocuously before unleashing your rubberised revenge.


You need a rubber band or two
A hand

Advanced student may need an additional band and an elbow

Step 1: Hook

  1. Hang a band off your little finger
  2. Hook little finger round to meet your palm
  3. Pull it tight
  4. Loop around your thumb
  5. Hook between finger and fingernail
  6. Stalk your "target"

Step 2: Release

  1. Level out your hand level like a hired hitman in a movie
  2. Shout the official Space Marines War-Cry": "EAT PLUTONIUM DEATH, YOU DISGUSTING ALIEN WEIRDOS!"
  3. straighten your little finger

Step 3: Double Up

  1. You can loop/hook/stretch/hook a second band off your ring finger
  2. Remember to release in correct order

Step 4: Super Super Secret: the Triple Threat

  1. Oh look, there's an extra finger doing nothing
  2. Pow Pow Pow

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