Beyblade Spinning Showcase Model

Introduction: Beyblade Spinning Showcase Model

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Why would you want to replicate things when you can simply buy them?

Well not everything is still in production, techniques changes, material changes, consumer’s changes, demand changes. So not everything is still in production even after a few years and sometimes not even after a few months. Even if they are available online to buy than the chances are that it will be really expensive because the object is antique.

This is a personal project which is driven by childhood memories. 16 years ago, I used to have this beyblade called Dragoon-V, it was from a show called Beyblade G Revolution.

DragoonV was my first beyblade as a kid and it was the favorite of all beys I had. I loved the white and black body and when it was spun, it created such a beautiful spectrum of green, blue, red, black and yellow colors. The beyblade had a magnet in the tip because of which the bey could stand vertically by itself even when not in spinning state (when placed on any metal plate or object). The magnet was enclosed in a transparent acrylic tip which cracked after some time because every time the bey landed all the force was distributed through the acrylic. When I used to spin it I just wanted the bey to never stop spinning, I was in love with its motion and color scheme.

Step 1: Long Story Short

After so many years, I tried finding one online but they were all expensive. Being a creator have many advantages, like why buy when you can make one. So, I gathered all the good reference pictures of the dragoon v from the internet and unboxing videos, I took screenshots of the videos for all the details for example the top view, side view, bottom view and all the undercuts. I then decided the scale of the Beyblade and the spinning mechanism, because I wanted this to be in an always spinning model on my desktop when switched on using a power adapter. I used Fusion 360 to model all the parts as close as possible to the original bey. The original bey had a pack of stickers which you stick on the attack ring and on the base, I downloaded the scanned images of the stickers from here, I cleaned the cut mark from the sticker image on Photoshop. To make sure that the stickers were of the right size to the attack ring, I projected lines from my 3d model in fusion 360 as a new sketch and exported that new sketch as dxf file. I opened the dxf file in illustrator and masked the sticker image with the outline from the dxf file, giving me a perfect fit of the stickers on the attack ring. I printed the stickers on a sticker paper and applied transparent tape on the print to make it glossy.

Step 2:

For the spinning mechanism, I have used a geared motor powered by DC 12V 1amp adapter as this was the only motor I had laying around. I have used two pulley, with 4:1 ratio. The bigger pulley is locked on the motor and the smaller on the bey. The two pulleys are connected via a rubber band. The geared motor has a lot of torque but no speed hence the bigger pulley is fitted on the motor. When the big pulley takes one rotation, the small pulley takes 4 rotations making the bey spin faster. The case to hold the mechanism was modelled around the motor and the pulley in such a way that the beyblade, motor, wires, pulleys and the rubber band can be changed anytime without any tools to open the case. Everything is a snap fit; the motor is friction fitted into the case.

Step 3:

After all the parts were done I printed them separately in PLA at 0.2 resolution and painted them using acrylic paint, since this was my first time painting a 3d printed model, I realized that acrylic paints don’t work go good as they tend to chip off when rubbed something against them really hard. While I was assembling the bey, the white color got dirty which was really surprising. I will be trying spray painting next time because the brush makes the paint clog in small areas making the details disappear.

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