Introduction: Bi-color 5mm Led Ring (DIY)

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here are the instructions to make a bi-color led ring !

Step 1: Materials

For this project you will need:

-transparent tubing (inside diameter:3.5mm and outside diameter:5mm)

-3mm led (here red)

-5mm led (here blue)

-4mm black heat shrinking tube

-8mm black heat shrinking tube

-three wires (here black, blue and red)

-tin wire

+ a soldering iron and a lighter

Step 2: The 3mm Led

Take the 3mm led and bend the legs as on the picture with a spacing of 5mm then place a piece of 4mm heat shrink tubing and place the transparent tube around that. then solder the black wire to the negative leg of the led

Step 3: The 5mm Led

Place the 5mm led below the 3mm one and solder the black wire to the negative leg of this one too. solder the two other wires to the positive legs of both led (as shown on pictures).

Step 4: Finish

Now you have to insulate the exposed wires and place the 8mm shrinking tube around the whole thing to keep all the elements in place.

So now you have a "common cathode" bi-color ring led !

you can personnalize it as you want: change the colors or make it "common anode".

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